As Forms International marks its 25th year in 2017, it comes closer to completing its transformation from a niche market printer of computer forms to a full-service printer with multiple printing technologies.

The company was founded in November 1992 by the King siblings, Diana, Laura and Roger and the business visionary Rufino King Sy. His business idea came from the mailing sticker labels that Edisy Trading were manufacturing then. These labels had sprocket holes on both ends for feeding into dot-matrix printers. From there, it was a small step to setting up Forms International Enterprises Corporation as a printer of computer forms.

The early years were challenging for the company. There were few skilled workers familiar with computer forms presses. The paper dealers were hesitant to extend credit to small printers, moreso to a new company. But Forms International entered the market at just the right time. Computers were gaining in popularity and more and more schools began offering classes. From typewriters, companies began to shift to computers and dot-matrix printers.

With the determination of its sales team under the leadership of Arlene Tan-Reyes, the company was able to gain a loyal following. At that time, all income was channeled back to the company to purchase more presses and finishing machines. As the business grew, the point-of-sale (POS) rolls were introduced. Additional factories and warehouses were opened shortly after.

In 2006, the company was re-organized to better compete in a changing market. Albert See was designated president of the company. Under his leadership, the company has registered double-digit growth rates for six consecutive years. Even in difficult years, the company was able to post modest growth.

In 2009, the company constructed its four-storey 7,000 square-meter office and printing facility in Caloocan City. It has provided much-needed space to support its business expansion.
As Forms International became the market leader in computer forms, it has continually searched for new avenues for growth. “Our loyal clients keep asking us if we print marketing collaterals like flyers and brochures. They’ve encouraged us to go into this business as they are looking for a reliable supplier. Our track record of quality and service became a good foundation for business expansion,” Albert said.

The road to becoming a full-service printer started in 2012. Investments were made in paper bag-making machines, digital printing presses, flexographic press-es, commercial offset presses, wide format printers, and finishing machines. New computer-to-plate, Print Management Information System and drop-on-demand inkjet systems were also installed.

What’s the secret to launching new products one after the other? Albert shares: “Pray, pray, pray. I pray for clients for each product division. I pray when we learn how to operate new machines. I pray for guidance when we do big projects. I also choose the suppliers we partner with. I should feel at ease during the negotiations.”

In 2017, Forms International published its first book “Discover the new Caloocan, the Monument of a Dynamic City,” a coffee table book that serves as an investment guide for those seeking business opportunities in Caloocan City.

Forms International is also accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as an industry partner to the Dualtech Training Center Foundation for the Electromechanics Technology Program. Forms provides scholarships for the six-month intensive study program. After this, students are exposed to different skill-based and technical functions as on-the-job trainees for 18 months. After graduation, they are offered permanent employment at the company. This provides Forms with a steady pool of skilled workers for plant operations.

“Looking ahead, we want to strengthen our partnership with our clients by offering individualized solutions to their printing needs, creating value for their business-es,” Albert envisions.

As Forms International celebrates its 25th year, it has redefined itself as the first printing company in the Philippines offering this extensive range of printing services: from computer forms, marketing collaterals, security prints, variable data prints, paper bags, POS rolls, tickets, standees, tarpaulins, van stickers, calendars, books, and more. Many people today may not know that they have held a print that came from the press of Forms International. Truly, Forms International delivers “Prints for Everyday Life.”