When choosing between offset and digital, here are some things to consider.


Quantity. Offset may be cheaper than digital for long run print jobs with a high quantity. Small and medium runs may benefit from digital as there is no set up cost. Digital offers you the possibility of printing only the amount you need when you need it.

Turnaround. Digital will always be faster and can help meet short deadlines. Offset printing will take longer mainly because of press set up and plate preparation.

Proofing. An actual proof from an offset press is very expensive because of the set up. With the digital press, a single sheet can be printed prior to the run. This can easily be repeated once the proof is approved.

Customization. Digital can offer variable data capability. Names, addresses, codes or numbers can be printed easily.

Paper Selection. The maximum thickness for substrates on a digital press is 350gsm. Offset presses can take heavier stock. Offset presses also offer larger sheet sizes and more substrates than digital.