Computer forms are used in dot-matrix and line-matrix printers. With its sprocket holes, it allows continuous printing without the constant loading of paper. Computer forms are also known as tabulating stock forms and continuous forms.

Tabulating Stock Forms comes without print or with grey lines. Paper options are bond paper, book paper and carbon less paper. It comes in standard sizes and folded in single ply or multiple ply. It can also be pre-numbered.

Computer forms are also customized with print. Our sales team will assist you on the layout and can suggest ways to make your forms secure, attractive and economical. They also assist in obtaining relevant permits for controlled documents such as invoices and receipts.

With more than 25 web presses in operation, Forms International can cater to any volume requirement. There is always a press that can accommodate print jobs with shorter delivery schedule. With the Kodak Prosper 55 Imprinting System and the JCI Sparrow and Hawk Inkjet Printing Systems, we can print variable data such as barcodes, serial numbers and security codes directly on the press.